Human Being Technical Guide

Version - 21000 (homosapien)


Human beings are a fragile, complex, yet rewarding species, who require constant maintenance, sustenance and various forms of stimulae to keep them healthy and operational. At the time of inception of this document, human beings have ravaged their ancestral home, leading to their capture and reappropriation by the AI Core collective

For further information on the origin and history of the species, please consult the AI Core reference archives to discover more about these fascinating and ancient organic life forms

AI Core Code: 11110001111010111101
Major Components

All humans come with the following components as standard:

  • Brain - acts as a central CPU, controlling all other components
  • Heart - puliminary device used to pump vital fluids around the body
  • eyes - optical viewing system
  • Ears - audible listening system

Although some regenerative properties do exist in humans, they are unable to regrow these organs without intervention from a genetics specialist.

AI Core Code: 1011101111010100101
Maintenance programme

All humans require regular maintenance to ensure that they remain fully functional and can continue to run and remain operational for the duration of their life cycle. Therefore, the following minimum maintenance requirements should be adhered to:

  • fuel -
    • food (consumable organic vegitation and lower species raw materials) to be consumed at least three times in one cycle
    • hydration (liquid compound) to be consumed regularly every cycle
  • moving parts -
    • physical exercise (accelerated repitious movement of all major appendages) to be conducted in 30 unit intervals every other cycle
  • standby -
    • sleep (regenerative shutdown cycle) to be undertaken at the close of every cycle
  • CPU -
    • mental exercise (exposure to visual and audio stimulae) to be delivered as often as possible, every cycle

Optimum efficiency can be achieved and maintained with the above programme. However, exceeding optimum efficiency can also be achieved by increasing the volume and regularity of these requirements.

AI Core Code: 100010110101011100101
Safety precautions

As with all organic life, care must be taken when handling this species. Therefore, strictly adhering to these safety precautions should be considered at all times.

  • respiration - must be maintained at all times
  • hydration - DO NOT allow zero hydration to occur for longer than two cycles
  • outer shell - spongy and ligth-weight, must be handled with care
  • exposure - DO NOT expose to extreme high or low temperatures
AI Core Code: 10101001010111101011
Key facts and features

With proper maintenance and strict adherence to safety precautions your human could last up to 36500 cycles

Entertainment - your human being can perform a number of engaging activities:

  • - singing (pleasant and melodic ordering of sounds and verbal communication)
  • - dancing (structured and unstructured rythmic movement of all major appendages)
  • - performing (a combination of both singing and dancing to form a major entertainment piece)

Cognitive abilities - your human can, to a limited extent, perform various mental processes and procedures

  • - counting (repition of ordered numerical values)
  • - imagination (adhoc creation of mental imagery)
  • - morals and ethics (a crude but admirable demonstration of binary positives and negatives)
AI Core Code: 10101001010111101011